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What to Expect during your Maternity and Newborn Photography Sessions ... ...

The birth of a child marks a the most defining moment in your life. You have a new reason for living. You have a new reason to love. Maternity & Newborn Photography sessions are by far my favourite subjects to photograph. I love capturing those tiny details in babies and providing images that will last a lifetime and remind parents of just how small their babies once were and how quickly they change! I love telling a story, creating a memory for others to look back on, to reminisce on the best, most memorable moments in life. In sharing my love for light and photography, I capture the best moments for each client, making sure every smile, breath, thought and thrill is caught perfectly in time so that it may be remembered and cherished for generations to come x

It is best to schedule your Maternity Photography Session as soon as you start announcing your exciting news. This way we have plenty of time to lock in a session date that suits you. The best time to schedule a newborn session is during your pregnancy. I will add your due date to my calendar. When your baby actually arrives, contact me asap, and we will finalise your session date.

We like to arrange your Maternity Photography Session between 28-36 weeks depending on when you feel most comfortable. These sessions tend to take around one hour which allows time for a few gown changes. We have over 40 gorgeous gowns for you to choose from at the studio so there will be sure to be something you will adore.

The most precious time to photograph your newborn is between 5-14 days new. Why so early? During this time, babies have usually retained some of the natural curl and flexibility from their time in the womb. Newborn babies are also more sleepy and content with being posed for the most desired images. Your curly, sleeping newborn will make for the most meaningful photographs. 

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Forever remember the sweet beginning... ... ...

They are only this tiny for such a small amount of time, make sure you capture these moments, they will last a lifetime x

Our Maternity & Newborn Photography Sessions take place at the Shutter Photography Studio based in Kilburn, SA. Here, you will have access to our large selection of couture Gowns  and Newborn props, wraps headbands and outfits for girls from 0-10 years and boys 0-5 years. Our massive range is sourced from all over the world and is updated almost monthly to ensure fresh new looks year round. 


Our Kilburn studio is warm, light, airy and perfectly comfortable. All you need to do once you arrive is relax, help yourself to our fully stocked kitchen, sit back and enjoy.   

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tracey xxx

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